Dawn  Gray

Dawn Gray

Consulting Partner - Dawn Gray Global Consulting

Dawn  Gray has over 36 years of global industry experience. She has worked with some of the top companies in the world including; The Oppenheimer Group, Turners and Growers ENZA International, Frieda's Inc., Vanguard International, The Autenrieth Company, World Wide Fruit (UK), ENZAfruit Continent (Belgium), BC Hot House Foods, Central California Orange Growers Cooperative and Sunkist Growers Inc.

Dawn's hard work and outside of the box thinking have earned her the respect of industry leaders. Dawn has helped companies all across the supply chain to increase sales, reduce market based and operational costs, create operations savings and zero in on how to go to market with a cost effective and targeted plan.

Business Strategy

Relationship synergy, business acquisition, operational efficiencies

Change Management

Effective communication tools—getting the team to 'buy in and stay in'

Business Development

Impactful sales and marketing strategies

Grower Relations

It all starts here...growers are the ultimate entrepreneurs

Successful Product Strategies

Understand your "USP" and how your produce / service is part of a commercial collaboration 

Speaking Engagements

Bringing passion and energy to your next event

Marketing, Branding and Packaging

Brand creation and management, retail promotional campaigns, marketing communications, new product development, consumer and category research.

Dawn can be contacted directly - Phone 778.994.7064  Email - dawnegray@mac.com  Website: https://www.dawngraygc.com


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