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Acting as financial, operating and marketing advisors to both sellers of business assets or purchasers of an entire business, farm, warehouse or packing facility, we help the transaction be evaluated as to purchase or sales price, benefits of the transaction, review expected financial performance and bring the transaction to a completion.  We can complete many of the needed functions such as identifying target buyers, preparing projections, identifying the target business assets to be bought or sold, performing and arranging due diligence on the transaction, management presentations, assisting in the negotiations and selecting appropriate financial and legal advisors.   During the negotiations, Critical Point Advisors leads negotiations on the client’s behalf or serves as an advisor.  We work with the client and actively participate in the discussions from initial presentations into the signing of the purchase and sale agreement and helping with the closing of the transaction.  We have been involved in transactions in many forms and in size from $250,000 to $100 million.

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