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Critical Point Advisors have a proven record of utilizing innovation to meet the challenges of a rapidly growing and changing agricultural business environment.  Consumers, customers, retailers and competitors are more sophisticated today, making it necessary to adjust your business practices to obtain sales levels to maintain profitability.   This often requires help to develop and rethink your business approach.  Our sales and marketing advisory services start by understanding each client’s individual needs and then working with them to offer customized ideas and implement solutions that fully align with your business goals.

Whether a grower, packer/shipper or buyer/reseller of agricultural products, we examine and analyze customer performance, look to new customer opportunities and markets for your products.  We have experience in both the U.S. domestic markets and export markets.  We have over 30 years of international business experience.  In past and current relationships, we have worked with growers, importers, distributors, marketers, and retailers in 25 countries, including those in Asia, Europe, and Middle East.

 Types of service items we review, set up responsibilities for, and make recommendations on:


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