Business Restructuring and Turnarounds

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Troubled Company Advisory

Turnaround consulting is about crisis management, stabilizing the situation quickly to allow the company and its employees to return to addressing normal business activities. Our proven experience in crisis management, combined with a sense of urgency, is a successful formula for achieving the best possible outcome in any restructuring matter. Only after stabilizing the crisis can a restructuring plan be effective. We represent clients in negotiations with lenders, trade creditors, lessors, key suppliers, customers, and landlords. Our knowledge and expertise enable us to properly explain the present position of a troubled company to solicit and obtain the necessary stakeholder support.

Critical Point Advisors will:

Lender Services and Loan Support 

Our turnaround management and insolvency services include numerous advisory roles including secured lender advisory, unsecured creditor and financial consulting. Critical Point Advisors has successfully provided services to small and middle market agricultural companies and has experience being engaged and employed directly by lenders in varying situations with turnaround services including:

Asset Divestiture

There are times in a turnaround or a restructuring of a business that requires the sale of all or a portion of the business or its assets. It is as important to know when and what to sell, as well as how to sell a business. Companies may pursue a divestment strategy to refocus on their core business, in response to the operating environment in their industry or to dispose of underperforming assets. Companies typically pursue a liquidation strategy when their core business, business line or subsidiary has failed or no longer can cash flow their operation. Divestitures involve a sale, spinoff or liquidation of a business segment, certain land or crops or a subsidiary. Liquidation involves shutting down a business and selling off or distributing its assets.

Out-of-Court Sales
Bankruptcy §363 Sales
Article 9 UCC Sales
State Court Receiver Sales

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